Heidis Candy

First Impressions

The first thing that caught my eye was Heidi’s big beautiful eyes. They’re brown and round and alluring. She’s also exceptionally pretty and has dark red hair that I can’t get enough of. A true redhead is a rarity on the adult internet and this babe stands out because of that. I also like seeing that she loves lingerie and costumes and that she’s not afraid to have fun with dildos. I like to see a pretty girl dressed in all kinds of lovely stuff and Heidi seems to fit that bill.

Hot Promises

Heidi loves to dress up for the camera and in this case she’s going to show us what she looks like without her clothes on as well. She promises to get naked in the member’s area, although it’s all non nude stuff on the tour. She gives us a few sexy looks on the first page and then invites us to take the tour to see what else there is to enjoy. There are preview pictures with Heidi in lingerie, with her groping her breasts and much more. She also wants you to know that you’re going to have fun in the member’s area. Let’s see if that’s the case.


The member’s area begins with a short note from Heidi welcoming you and promising three updates per week (2 picture sets and a video). Below the welcome message you’ll see previews from the most recent image and video additions; although there are no dates so it’s difficult to tell if she actually updates or if that’s an empty promise. You’ll also see far too many advertisements for other teen babe sites, which is a minor annoyance. What’s nice is the long list of bonus sites that come free with your membership. We’ll talk more about those later.

Browsing Heidi’s Candy is pretty easy thanks to the slick layout. Along the top of the page is a navigation bar that’s organized like a series of tabs. Click a tab and you’ll be brought to your page of choice. Options include pictures, videos, webcam and wallpapers. The picture galleries are the logical first choice for me and I was a little disappointed to discover there are only 30 sets to browse through. On top of that they make it impossible to tell if the site is actually updated, so I can’t say with conviction whether or not you’ll be seeing new content.

Most galleries have 60-100 images and from the main display page you can choose whether you want to see the high or low resolution pictures. You can also view them by slideshow if you choose. Heidi poses in a variety of sexy outfits, mixing things up nicely so we never get bored of seeing her hot body. She’s a non nude model though. She strips down to nothing in most galleries but she always keeps her breasts and pussy covered. It’s a little disingenuous to say she’s going to get naked on the tour and then take it away from us (you can purchase a topless set of Heidi for $18, but that’s an incredible waste of money and criminal on their part).

Not once does Heidi take the typical teen babe route. Most girls in her age bracket dress in cutesy tops and denim shorts/skirts, but Heidi is all about sex appeal. She wears slutty dresses, sexy lingerie and low cut tops that will drive you wild with desire. It’s that sex appeal that makes me think it’s worth joining even if you’re stuck with 30 picture galleries for the entirety of your membership. My favorite picture set features Heidi in a slutty black leather dress. It’s incredibly short and the top half is a lace up so it leaves lots of skin to be viewed.

Heidi has prepared only 10 videos for her members. The collection is not quite big enough, especially when you consider that most are 3-5 minutes long. However, she does entertain for those short spans. My favorite video features Heidi in a black latex bondage outfit. She’s holding a whip and doing a sexy dance around a thick pole. It’s the kind of video that will drive you absolutely made with desire. If that one doesn’t do it then perhaps you’ll enjoy watching Heidi cover herself in baby oil.

Half of the videos are available in two resolutions (320x240 and 640x480). The other half are available in only one resolution and they seem to choose randomly between the two. In all honesty it doesn’t make much sense. Why not have all the videos available in both resolutions. At the very least it should have been the high resolution clip. Also, Heidi doesn’t do webcam shows and from what I can tell she never did. However, you do get access to webcam shows thanks to network you joined. There are four shows per week and they all feature young and sexy babes like Heidi.

The wallpapers are sexy and have been made available in four resolutions to suit all users. The friends page offers free galleries from 20 of Heidi’s friends around the web. The galleries are small but it’s still worth it because the girls are super hot. It’s the bonus sites that make joining Heidi’s Candy worth the money. There are nine total and they each offer a wide variety of pictures and videos. It’s a quality collection of content and it will continue to grow as some of the sites are actually updated weekly.

Croco’s Opinion

Heidi’s Candy is a limited site. There are 30 picture galleries and 10 videos and after browsing through the entire thing I’m convinced it’s no longer updated. Given that, it seems like a stretch to invest good money in a membership. However, if you checked out the tour and had the hots for Heidi I think you’ll find that it’s money well spent. Heidi is super hot and although she doesn’t get naked in the member’s area she makes up for it by posing in super sexy outfits. Her videos could be better quality. The bonus sites are really where you get your money’s worth.


The site is flawlessly designed and it’s easy to find your way around.

Pricing Policy

It’s $24.95 for the first month and then $19.95 for each month after that. If you join for 90 days it’s only $49.95.

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